Are you GDPR Ready? Find out how compliant your organisation is.

Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials

Tailored solutions to help your business adhere to the fundamentals of GDPR

Cookie Consent Manager

Classify your cookies

Describe your cookies

Enable users to opt-out

Policies and Templates

Tailor your privacy policies

Approved by experts

Use clear language

GDPR eLearning

Knowledge-based training

Track your team's progress

Receive certificates of completion


Data Processing Records

Identify data processing activities

Determine legal bases for processing

Document data processing activities


Knowledge Portal

Access curated content

Read expert opinions

Understand terminology



Evaluate your organization against GDPR

Tailored report matches problems with solutions

Receive a bespoke compliance plan

Get Ready, Get Compliant, Stay Compliant


Sovy Academy

Online courses for your workforce's regulatory training requirements

Proven eLearning Platform

Knowledge based learning

Training for regional regulations

Competency assessments





Earn your badges

Beginner and advanced training

Tracks progress with reports

Issues certificates of completion