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Sovy recognized for exceptional Product, Innovation and Technology capabilities

The KuppingerCole Analysts Leadership Compass: Privacy and Consent Management report provides a detailed analysis of the marketplace focused on privacy and consent management, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy Enhancement Technology.

We are proud that Sovy has been recognized for our exceptional capabilities in Product, Innovation and Technology.

Sovy Overall Results:

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“Sovy’s offering is very promising for enterprises of all sizes.”

 “The value it offers as a compliance-as-a-service in maintaining a compliance program, performing required compliance operations activities, tracking compliance progress and enabling organizations to become operationally proficient in privacy and data compliance is a differentiator in the market.”


Sovy Overall Strengths:

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“The team behind Sovy has a background in regulatory technology and enterprise risk management. Sovy’s founders previously served as enterprise risk and security executives and brought this expertise to Sovy.”

“Sovy focuses on delivering an end-to-end privacy and consent solution for small and mid-sized companies, with special attention to those that must provide evidence of continuous compliance in an enterprise supply chain. Sovy offers a well-rounded option for SMEs and scales for its enterprise clients that have decentralized organizations, with multi-language requirements. Although the name indicates a priority for meeting GDPR needs, the solution is able to address CCPA, PIPEDA, and LGPD regulations.”

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The full report is available from KuppingerCole Analysts:

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