GDPR for IT Professionals Training

With GDPR for IT, you can ensure that your workforce  is properly trained on how to apply the data privacy program throughout all IT activities.

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Training more than 500 people?

IT is a vital business function when it comes to your data protection program.

Experts in the GDPR and global data privacy legislation wrote this Sovy Academy online program. It focuses on the most important components of the GDPR that your IT professionals need to know in order to conduct their jobs.

Who should take the GDPR for IT Professionals online training?

It's essential that your IT team receives courses on GDPR so that they have the information and tools they need to establish GDPR-compliant systems and processes with the help of your DPO or Designated Representative.

All employees, consultants, and contractors who are responsible for your IT department should attend this course.

Successful trainees will earn a one-year certificate and will be required to complete the course annually to verify that their knowledge is up-to-date.

Course Agenda

What is the GDPR?
Strong rights, Defining personal data, Fines and Penalties, Global Reach.
Examples of personal data.
Anonymised and pseudonymised data.
Examples of special categories of personal data.
What does it mean to 'process' personal data? Examples of data processing.
The principles of data protection.
Knowledge Checks

Different roles outlined in the GDPR.
The rights of data subjects.
Privacy notices and policies. Informing Data Subjects of their rights.
How information should be presented in a privacy notice or privacy policy?
 Powers of the Data Protection Authority.
Knowledge Checks.

The key principles of the GDPR. Data protection by design and default. Data security. Data breach response. Data governance and accountability.
Data Protection by Design and Default checklist.
 Structuring personal data as an IT professional.
Knowledge Checks.

Formal assessment with 22 questions. A score of 80% or above is required to pass the course and receive a certificate.