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Free GDPR Website and Privacy Policy Scan

Our free GDPR scan assesses your website and privacy policy against the GDPR, to identify the gaps in your compliance

Our free GDPR scan assesses your website and privacy policy against the GDPR, to identify the gaps in your compliance

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How the GDPR Scan Works

See what type of data your website collects

Scan your privacy policy and cookie notice to ensure personal data is covered

Check the security around any personal data entry points

Get a report with your results

Our GDPR scanning tool uses machine learning to assess your website and privacy policy. We look for signals that you have complied with the General Data Protection Regulation that include assessing the technologies your website uses, the cookies that you drop and the language and layout of your privacy policy.

When you receive your report, we'll highlight where you're excelling and the areas that could use help, using a traffic light system.

And if you have gaps in your compliance, we can help. With the Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials, you get access to our privacy policy toolkit, which takes your unique company details and create an expert-approved privacy policy.

Additionally, you'll get access to our cookie consent manager so that you can give your users all the information they need in order to understand the cookies you use and what steps they can take to exercise their rights under the GDPR.

You'll get all that and much more when you purchase a Basic or Complete subscription. For most businesses it's a quick and easy set up, and makes managing your ongoing compliance program simple and affordable.


You can scan any website, though larger websites do take longer. If you are scanning multiple websites in a short timeframe we may temporarily or permanently block your IP. This is to prevent users and bots from scraping the results, which is against our terms of use.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have the functionality to scan privacy policies that are either not hosted on your website, or where the text isn’t able to be read by our scan (for example, if it is an text contained within an image, or a PDF).

Our scan is not intended to provide evidence of GDPR compliance – after all, your website and privacy policy are just a part of your overall compliance program. If you’re looking to update and maintain your GDPR compliance programme, you should consider using the Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials.