GDPR for Restaurants

For restaurants around the EU, the GDPR is a concern that impacts the way you take bookings, market to your customers and manage your employees.

And if you're running a busy establishment, it's not something that you want to spend lots of time on.

With the Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials, you get access to a suite of tools and guidance to help you get your restaurant compliance ready.

From a cookie consent manager for your website, to GDPR eLearning suitable for all your staff, we've got your restaurant compliance covered.

GDPR for restaurants

How can you benefit with Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials


Maintain your ongoing compliance programme with ease using our suite of tools


Our affordable subscriptions mean you can stay compliant with the GDPR as it evolves, year after year


Benefit from our years of expertise in regulatory risk and data protection and continuing development of our tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Any organisation which handles the personal data of EU citizens is subject to the GDPR, regardless of their size, location or the type of business.

As a restaurant, there are a few key scenarios where you are likely to handle personal data. These include taking bookings, managing employees and using CCTV.

Personal data is defined as any piece of information relating to an individual which could identify that individual.

More obvious examples include names, addresses, and contact details, however it can also include images of people, passwords, ip addresses and much more.

Further, some types of data a classed as 'special category' - these are types of data considered to be more sensitive, such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions and biometric data, among others. The processing of special catewgory data has more stringent conditions associated.

Absolutely! You just have to be aware of the ways you are using personal data in your marketing, and to ensure that the processing is necessary and appropriate.

The Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials includes detailed guidance on the GDPR for Marketing.